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The Flute on Record, 1902-1940

companion CD to The Flute (Yale Musical Instrument Series, 2002), by Ardal Powell
(see Chapter 12, "The Flute in the Age of Recording", pp. 225-45)

Susan Nelson, The Flute on Record, 1902-1940




Ardal Powell, The Flute (Yale Musical Instrument Series, 2002)

Paperback $25.00

 companion CD The Flute on Record, 1902-1940, $9.95
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Click on the link in the program below to hear Eli Hudson (Carte 1867 flute) playing Variations sur un air allemande, Op. 22 (Theobald Boehm).


1. John Lemmone (pf/C.H.H. Booth): Il vento, Op. 112 (Giulio Briccialdi/cadenza by Lemmone)



New York?, 7 Nov 1910

Victor 70026

2. MP3 sound sample (Mono, 1.8 MB) Eli Hudson (pf/?): Variations sur un air allemande, Op. 22 (Theobald Boehm)



London, 1908

G&T 09150

3. Frank Badollet/Badollet Flute Trio: Evening Song (?)


M-1277-1, 2

New York?, 21 Feb 1902

Victor M1277

4. Adolphe Hennebains (pf/?): Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV1067: Badinerie (J.S. Bach)



Paris, May 1905

7-inch Odéon 6351

5. Adolphe Hennebains (orch/?): Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26: Andantino moderato (Franz Doppler)



Paris, 1908

Gramophone 39184

6. Erika Stoltz (orch/Bruno Seidler-Winkler): Carmen—Fantaisie brillante (Wilhelm Popp)



Berlin, Jun 1906

G&T 49156

7. Fedor Stepanov (pf/?): La fille du Pharaön: Ballade (Cesare Pugni/arr. Ciardi)



St. Petersburg, 1906

Zonophone X-69158

8. Maximilian Schwedler (pf/Gustav Schmidt): Divertimento in D, K.334: Minuet (Mozart)



Berlin?, date unknown

Polyphon 3081

9. Albert Fransella (orch/?): Suite, Op. 116: Waltz (Benjamin Godard)



London, ca.1911

Columbia 1674

10. Philippe Gaubert (pf/?): Madrigal (Philippe Gaubert)



Paris, 1919

Gramophone 039152

11. Emil Prill (orch/?): Concerto No. 3 in C Major: Allegro (Frederick the Great)


1748 A

Berlin, issued Sep 1924

Vox 06196

12. John Amadio (pf/?): Il carnevale di Venezia, Op. 77 (Giulio Briccialdi)



London, Dec 1920-Jan 1921

Zonophone 2071 [X-49550]

13. John Amadio (orch/George Byng): Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26 (Franz Doppler)


Cc 17489-3

Hayes, Middlesex, June-July 1929

HMV C1788

14. Clement Barone, Sr. (pf/Myrtle C. Eaver): Le tourbillon (Adolph Krantz)



Camden, NJ, , 9 Mar 1927

Victor 20525

15. Robert Murchie (pf/Gerald Moore): Les échos d'Alsace (F. Rucquoy)


Bb 14316-1

Small Queen’s Hall, London , 4 Sep 1928

HMV EX32 [7-439262]

16. Leipzig Gewandhaus Wind Quintet (Carl Bartuzat, flute; Walter Heinze, oboe; Willi Schreinicke, clarinet; Richard Schaller, horn; Günther Weigelt, bassoon): Divertimento No. 14 in B Minor, K.270 (Mozart) a) Allegro molto b) Menuet


159bs ii

Berlin?, ca. 1928

Polydor 95166

17. Edith Penville (pf/Roland Revell): Fantaisie characteristique, Op. 16 (Joachim Andersen)


WA 11003-2

London, Dec 1930

Columbia DB398

18. Arrigo Tassinari (pf/Argeo Quadri): Notturno, Op. 20 (Ferdinand Buchner)


WBX 1075

Milan, 1931

Columbia CQX 16479

19. Georges Laurent (pf/Harry Cumpson): Sonata No. 1 in B Minor, BWV1030: Largo e dolce (J.S. Bach)


W 230687-1

New York?, Feb-Mar 1934

Columbia 68245-D

20. Gustav Scheck (Scheck-Wenziger Chamber Ensemble): Concerto No. 1 in G Major : Spiritoso (Giovanni Pergolesi)


2RA 4382-1

Berlin, Jan 1940

HMV EH1219

21. [Holger] Gilbert Jespersen w. Erling Bloch, violin;Torben Svendsen, cello: Serenade, Op. 26b: Allegro concertante (Knudåge Riisager)


2CS 722-1

Copenhagen, 4 Nov 1937

HMV DB5205

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