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Please note that this mail form is for specific comments, suggestions, and criticisms about the functionality, design, navigability, etc., of the website.

If you're having a problem please indicate what browser and what operating system and version you are using, e.g. Netscape 7.0 running on Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP1 . If your computer is giving you an error message, tell us what it says. Without this information we can't be of any help.

If you wish to comment on the content of the site, or of the companion book, you're welcome to do so, but I regret I can't undertake to respond or to answer questions posted via this form.

I do not give appraisals, valuations, opinions, suggestions, or advice about antique flutes or other things for sale. Click here for self-help resources.

N.B. To increase the chances of your message being read, please enter a detailed subject line that accurately indicates the topic of your message. Subjects such as "Hi" or "Question" look like spam and are treated accordingly.

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