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Ardal Powell's 18th-century Flute Database

Here is my index of flute information, as promised on p. 261 of The Keyed Flute by Johann George Tromlitz (Oxford, 1996). You are welcome to make use of it, as long as you send me new material and correct any mistakes you find.

The database file contains listings for about 1700 instruments, with details of attribution, maker's mark, materials, keys, and reports in the literature. (My own copy also lists drawings made by other researchers, and materials (drawings, photos, mouldings) in the collection of Folkers & Powell.) The database was compiled from various sources, including Phillip T. Young's two Indices, Sotheby's auction catalogs in the collection of Tony Bingham, and a pitch database kindly provided to me by Bruce Haynes. It contains many shorthand references to the literature on musical instruments: if you don't recognise these, please don't ask me: look them up.

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