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Instrument makers

Flute players, makers, and composers were often the same person until the industrial age, so some of the following individuals also appear on the index of players Some are more in the designer line than actual makers themselves. Pages with inactive links are not yet on line.

Jacques Hotteterre "le Romain" (1674-1763)

Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773)

Johann George Tromlitz (1725-1805)

Theobald Boehm (1794-1881)

The Rafis

The Bassanos

Thomas Lot III (1708-87)

August Grenser (1720-1807)

Richard Potter

Wilhelm Liebel (1793-1871)

Heinrich Friedrich Meyer (1814-97)

Johann Joseph Ziegler(1795-1858)

Louis Lot (1807-96)

Richard Carte

William S. Haynes

Maximilian Schwedler (1853-1940)

Albert Cooper

Eva Kingma

A number of individuals in the 19th century, mostly English and including John Clinton, Robert Sydney Pratten, Abel Siccama, and Cornelius Ward, gave their names to certain types of flute, which were manufactured by others. The most important are listed on the page for post-Boehm flutes.

For makers of modern copies of historical instruments, see Replicas

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